Campus Basketball League丨开元娱乐游戏都会森林学校“森·BA”篮球联赛正式开启


青春”篮”不住 ,拼搏正其时。

Youth cannot be held back, and it is time to work hard.

11月15日下午 ,郑州开元娱乐游戏都会森林学校中学部部分师生齐聚在中学部篮球场举行了隆重的“森·BA”校园篮球联赛开幕式。尽管寒风凛冽 ,同学们依然身姿挺拔 ,对本次篮球联赛充满期待。

On the afternoon of November 15th, some teachers and students from the middle school of Zhengzhou Cstar City Forest School gathered at the basketball court of the middle school to hold a grand opening ceremony for the “SEN·BA” campus basketball league.Despite the cold wind, the students were still upright and full of expectations for this basketball league.

迎国旗 奏唱国歌

“森·BA”校园篮球联赛开幕式第一项迎国旗、奏唱国歌 ,四名旗手迈着正步走向园地中央 ,手中紧握着国旗 ,全体师生立正 ,目视国旗 ,奏唱国歌。

The first item of the opening ceremony of the “Sen BA” campus basketball league was to welcome the national flag and play the national anthem. Four flag bearers walked slowly to the center of the stage, holding the national flag of the People’s Republic of China tightly in their hands.All the people present stood at attention, gazing at the national flag and singing the national anthem.


“森·BA”校园篮球联赛开幕式 ,第二项环节裁判员代表宣誓。

中学部体育教师秦兵兵作为裁判代表上台宣誓 ,他首先介绍了自己专业的裁判身份和富厚的裁判员经验 ,接着他允许在接下来的角逐中 ,将秉持公正、公正的原则 ,不偏不倚地执行角逐规则 ,包管角逐的公正性和球员的宁静。

秦兵兵老师的宣誓不但为这场校园篮球联赛注入了公正公正的基因 ,也通报了篮球运动的精神和魅力。

The second part of the opening ceremony of the “Sen BA” campus basketball league is the oath of the referee representatives.

Qin Bingbing, a physical education teacher in the middle school, took the oath as a referee representative. He first introduced his professional referee identity and rich referee experience, and then promised to uphold the principles of justice and fairness in the following competitions, impartially implementing the competition rules, and ensuring the fairness of the competition and the safety of the players.

The oath of Mr. Qin Bingbing not only injected a fair and just gene into this campus basketball league, but also conveyed the spirit and charm of basketball.


“森·BA”校园篮球联赛的开幕式第三项 ,中学部孙丽宏校上进行热情洋溢的致辞。

孙校长体现 ,尽管天气严寒 ,但同学们却热情高涨 ,令人振奋。今年的赛事无论在规模和规则上都越发正规化和规 ; ,这说明开元娱乐游戏都会森林学校在生长、在前进!我们方方面面都在向国际接轨。

At the opening ceremony of the “Sen BA” campus basketball league, Sun Lihong, the principal of the middle school, delivered a passionate speech.

President Sun said that despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm of the students was as high as fire, which was inspiring.This year’s event was more formalized and scaled up in terms of both scale and rules, indicating that Cstar City Forest School was developing and advancing!We are in all aspects in line with international standards.

孙校长强调开元娱乐游戏校园篮球联赛作为每年的校园古板运动赛事 ,承载了开元娱乐游戏人的精神财产和文化内涵 ,篮球赛是一个载体宁静台 ,通过角逐可以展示出开元娱乐游戏人的积极向上、团结和谐、勇于拼搏的精神风貌 ,培育学生的集体主义精神和归属感 ,以及凝聚力、向心力。为森林学子的未来打下坚实的基础。

孙校长致辞结束后 ,全场爆发出热烈的掌声和欢呼声。相信在孙校长的引领下 ,本次篮球联赛将会展现出篮球运动的激情与活力 ,同时也会进一步增进我校体育文化的昌盛和生长。

She emphasized that the Cistad Campus Basketball League, as an annual campus traditional event, carries a lot of spiritual wealth and cultural connotation for Cistad people. The basketball game is a carrier and platform, through which the positive, united, harmonious and courageous spirit of Cistad people can be displayed, and the collectivism spirit and sense of belonging as well as cohesion and centripetal force of students can be cultivated.It lays a solid foundation for the future of the forest to have courage, responsibility, courage to strive for greater achievements.

After the speech of President Sun, the audience burst into warm applause and cheers.I believe that under the guidance of President Sun, this basketball league will showcase the passion and vitality of basketball, and will also promote the prosperity and development of our school’s sports culture.

“森·BA”校园篮球联赛开幕式最后一项 ,参赛球员在签名墙上写下自己的名字 ,签名仪式为整个开幕仪式画上了圆满的句号。至此 ,“森·BA”校园篮球联赛开幕式圆满落幕 ,“森·BA”校园篮球联赛正式拉开帷幕!

The final event of the opening ceremony of the “Sen · BA” campus basketball league was marked with players writing their names on the signature wall, marking a successful conclusion to the entire opening ceremony. At this point, the opening ceremony of the “Sen BA” Campus Basketball League has come to a successful end, and the “Sen BA” Campus Basketball League has officially begun!

在接下来的角逐中 ,“森·BA”球员们将展现他们的技巧、团队精神和个人魅力 ,为胜利而斗争 ,为荣誉而拼搏。

让我们配合期待这场充满激情与挑战的篮球角逐!让我们一起见证“森·BA”校园篮球联赛的精彩时刻 ,感受学生们的热情与活力!

In the upcoming matches, the “Sen BA” players will showcase their skills, team spirit, and personal charm. They will strive for victory and fight for honor.

Let’s look forward to this passionate and challenging basketball game together! Let’s witness the exciting moments of the “Sen BA” campus basketball league together, and feel the enthusiasm and vitality of the students!

在我校的阳光体育运动中 ,篮球角逐无疑占据了重要的职位。它如同一面镜子 ,完美地映射出了我们的校风——“阳光、自信、文明、乐学”。

开元娱乐游戏人坚信 ,体育精神能够发动学习精神 ,体育运动能够增进文化课结果的提升。在这个充满挑战和机缘的时代 ,让我们一起用运动书写属于我们的精彩篇章 ,配合创立一个更健康、更向上、更美好的未来!

In our school’s sunshine sports activities, basketball matches undoubtedly occupy an important position. It is like a mirror, perfectly reflecting our school spirit – “sunshine, confidence, civilization, and joy in learning”.

We firmly believe that the spirit of sports can drive the spirit of learning, and sports can promote the improvement of academic performance. In this era full of challenges and opportunities, let’s write a wonderful chapter together with sports, and together create a healthier, more upward, and better future!





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